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Since 1978, my occupation and my passion has been creating photographic nature art for healthcare facilities. The ART of Healing is my trademark.

I began seriously photographing soothing scenes for my Mom when she was hospitalized and could no longer accompany me on wildflower walks. (She was a descendant of English landscape painter John Constable, and that is the aesthetic we both grew up with). Prior to nature, my primary focus in my photographic career was fashion, with time spent working in Los Angeles and Paris. I have always been a photographer. My Dad was a professional since the 1930’s; he and his friends Brett Weston, Peter Gowland and Richard Miller were always eager to critique my work as my skills grew.

Over the decades, my photographs have been adapted to fit every design application imaginable. Here are a few:

Elegant archival giclee prints on art paper or canvas, are shipped unmounted to your local framer. Ask us about options for finishing.

As a series of signed framed giclee or Fujiflex photographic prints designed for wayfinding in corridors, and to provide stress relief in waiting areas. Dreamy scenes that can become patient rooms’ virtual windows; huge floral details on panels to cover in-room gas outlets.

Backlit transparency panels for “looking up” applications during treatment procedures, over long-term beds, dental units, or just riding the elevator. Luminous wall units to brighten dark areas with a flash of an idealized nature view.

Composite images for immense collages printed on fabric or vinyl, to identify the space. Wall murals to invite the viewer to enter a leafy glade or over an arching garden bridge are ever-popular, welcoming the patient in. Murals that magnify a single flower to the point of abstract art are dramatic and memorable.

We help select art that conforms to the patient population, be it womens’ health, ambulatory care, treatment units --- to hospice. Finding images that are familiar to the local client base because of their botanical or geographical subject matter has become our hallmark. Perfect specimen plants from desert gardens, sunlit beaches paired with still-life studies of seashells, mountain streams at their Spring and Fall perfect moments, and of course Gardens.

Gardens: Nature tamed. Paradise Found. Spaces designed to uplift the spirit and allow an idealized interaction with nature.

Our collection of Gardens images, with motifs ranging from the Zen of Japanese gardens, waterlilies that would inspire Monet, perfect and non-threatening desert plants, idealized mornings in azalea gardens, formal English and Italianate forms, and of course the floribunda of the Keukenhof. Our offering of Garden photographs, so perfect for the healthcare environment, has been the core of our image library for more than 30 years.

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